Google Sheets Attendance Tracker

  • get calendar month on a click
  • automatic setup using predefined attendance values
  • precise marking for selected data

How to USE


1. Goto to and Create/Open a new google spreadsheet.

2. Goto Add-ons > Get Add-Ons > Search “Attendance Tracker” > Install 

3. Authorise when asked. 


1. Go to Add-ons > Attendance Tracker > Load

2. Open a blank/existing Google Sheet and Click on “Fill Header” to fill date from first  to last of the month required month.

Enter Employee / Student name under column B. 

Optional : Enter Employee / Student ID under column A

3. Select the cells where you want to mark attendance and click on respective button. For example : select cell(s) and click on “Mark P” button to mark P ( Present).

User can also select multiple cells to mark attendance in bulk . 

Automatically mark attendance for entire Month :

Click on “Auto Fill Data” to mark attendance for entire month . Change dropdown values of the week to mark attendance accordingly . 

Tip 1: Check “Replace Existing values” button to override existing attendance. 

Tip 2 :Uncheck “Fill Background color” for no background color while marking attendance. 


privacy policy

Attendance Tracker is a free add-on created for Google Sheets by Deepak Lohia.

1.No personal data is collected by the developer from the add-on.

2.No access to users email is given to the developer from installation of this add-on.

3.No access to users Drive files is given to the developer from installation of this add-on.

4.Reporting through the ‘help’ button in the add-on menu is the best way to request technical support.

5.Any data stored within the add-on is stored on google user account.

6.There is no guarantee for support for the add-on and the add-on could be removed at any time without notice (although this is very unlikely).

7.No guarantee is made for the quality or reliability of the service.


Deepak Lohia


  • Un-Install And Re-Install Add-On From Google Market Place

    >> Go To Menu > Add-Ons > Manage Add-Ons . Choose Uninstall .

    >> Refresh Your Browser . Add-Ons > Get Add-Ons And Install Again.

  • If Have Already Tried “Solution-1”:

    >> Ensure That You Are Using Chrome Or Edge Browser Or Try Both .

    >> Enable Javascript In Browser (Its Enabled By Default But Just Double Check -Https://Www.Enablejavascript.Io/En )

  • 1.Open Spreadsheet on Google Sheets

    2.Goto File > Settings.

    3.Change Time Zone Settings from Dropdown and Click on Save and Reload.